The Christian Church of the 21st century.

  • What we stand for.

    Love. Freedom. Safety.


    Emotion are more important than books.

    We are Christians and believe in the Holy Bible. However, as panentheists we also believe that we all are part of God. This is because God is all that exists and all that exists is God, while He is even far more than all he has ever created (including us). What's the consequence? We believe that we can feel what God "wants" through our intuitions and our emotions. 


    Faith must always be a matter of free will.

    In a world torn apart by crisis, war and immorality, we strongly believe that a place is needed where we can feel safe, welcome and happy. Since the cyberworld has become a part of our daily life, this place has also to be found in the internet. And so, here we are with more than one million believers following us on different channels. Become a part of this movement and join us.


    Love over law.

    We believe that above all, even above any holy book, there is one thing that is more important than any religious law: Love. We believe that God is love and love is God.


    We are where you are.

    We are the global Christian church of the 21st century, reaching out to every corner of the world via the internet; and providing a spiritual home in many local groups.

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    Becoming a member is easy...

    We welcome everyone with our arms wide open.


    We are the only Christian Church that works completely without monetary funding, is based on voluntary help (no money) and accepts everybody as a member. You only have to accept the clerical authority of our clergy.


    That's all.


    Please note:

    • Leaving our church is always possible without further notice.
    • With your registration you agree to receive our digital newsletter.
    • Your membership will always be free of charge.
    • With your registration as a member, you accept - for the duration of your membership - Jesus as Christ the Messiah, the rules of the Christian Universal Life Church and its theological guidelines as decreed by the Supreme Leader and the Central Committee of the Church.

    You are welcome!

  • Christian Universal Life Church

    The faith for all.

  • What we believe in

    God is all. All is God. But God goes beyond all that exists.

    The Christian Universal Life Church apodictively believes in the Holy Bible, God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Messiah and the Holy Spirit as the matrix of reality: We consider the Messiah to have been a human "avatar" in which God the Father Himself incarnated to teach humanity. The “New Thought Movement” had also an important impact on our theology.


    Our Apostolic Creed


    I believe in God, the One and Threefold,
    the almighty Creator,
    the Designer of heaven and earth.
    I believe in Jesus Christ,
    God's presence on Earth in a human body,
    called the Son of God,
    who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
    born of the Virgin Mary,
    suffered under Pontius Pilate,
    was crucified, died, and was buried;
    he descended to the dead.
    On the third day he rose again;
    he ascended into heaven,
    as part of the Holy Trinity.
    Therefore I also believe in the Holy Spirit,
    the unity of the holy Christian Church,
    the communion of saints,
    the forgiveness of all sins,
    the resurrection in God’s will,
    and the life everlasting.

    Where you can find us

    At home everywhere on planet Earth.

    Founded in Toronto, ON (Canada) our HQ is now in Milwaukee, WI with the Social Media Production and Missionary Center being located in Boston, MA. We are 24/7 at service for everybody, everywhere on planet Earth with home churches and bible groups in more than 70 countries, offerering regular Sunday service, including Sunday schools for the next generation. Surprisingly our largest communities are, at the moment, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria and Kurdistan - regions where a Christian church is not the most likely option. So we sail with God in command and are willing to let Him surprise us. When you are at a place where we have a church or group you may visit our meetings or services. But you can also become a member of our church wherever you live via the internet. It will never cost you anything and you can leave our church at any time, even without further notice. We believe that one of the most important teachings of God is "freedom with responsibility". So we as the Christian Universal Life Church will never impose anything on you. Our belief is that "the truth lies within yourself, that is within your soul". If you need a blessing for yourself or for your loved ones, just contact us. Our Pastors bless everybody who asks for a blessing. Just ask us or visit our site on our 24/7 service on facebook at www.fb.com/christian.ulc - You are welcome!

    Our Supreme Leader & The Clergy

    Even a liberal faith needs a guide.

    Reverend Elias (*1976) is the Supreme Leader of the Christian Universal Life Church. His religious teachings are binding for all faith-members of the Christian Universal Life Church. However, his spiritual doctrine and attitude are considered to be rather compassionate conservative, panentheistic and nonconformist. After his inauguration he set a goal: Let's make the Christian Universal Life Church the #1 of all internet churches and make sure that our religion will never take fees or accept donations. "Make the world a more colorful place" is his order. He strongly believes in volunteer work and leads the church from Milwaukee (USA) and his place of living in the Toronto area (Canada). Elias I. also travels a lot in order to visit as many followers as possible in person.


    The Christian Universal Life Church is not organized in a worldly way. The first and last word has God, the One and Threefold through His Eminence the Supreme Leader. He appoints and directs the top clergy. Currently he is being supported in his work by his deputies, Archbishop Sister Jemima and Dr. Dr. Ari Samaria, Bishops, Ambassadors and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. They all execute the Supreme Leader's decisions, doctrines and orders, as they are also coordinating the work of the many local Reverends, Pastors and Teachers:

    • Supreme Leader: His Eminence Elias I.
    • Deputy Supreme Leader: Archbishop Jemima
    • Deputy Supreme Leader: Dr. Dr. Ari Samaria
    • Secretary General: Ambassador Evangelia
    • Head of Doctrine: Reverend Agnetha
    • Head of Operations: First Bishop Jonah Samuelson
    • Head of Philosophy: Bishop Matthew
    • Head of Foreign Relations: Ambassador Evangelia
    • Head of Seminary Organizations: Dean Father Rahim
    • Department for Defending Christianity: Reverend Rihma
    • Head of Education and Social Affairs: Dean Bishop Maria
    • Head of Political Affairs: Dr. Dr. Ari Samaria
    • Head of Administration: Ambassador Evangelia
    • Head of Interreligious Affairs: Ambassador Taravati
    • Head of Hindu Affairs: Ambassador Rahul Joe Gupta
    • Head of Intercultural Affairs: Ambasssador Rayan
    • Department of Public Relations: Ambassador Galia Brener

    Prayers & Candles online

    Light a candle of hope.

    The internet makes it possibles: You can light a candle and pray for a moment in the silence of a virtual chapel. It is not important what your original religion is: lighting a candle and praying to God can never be wrong. May you be blessed!

    Welcome in the online chapel

    The World's first Christian Panentheistic Church.

    Our "ancestor church", the ULC of Modesto, has been in existence since 1959. It has 38 million members as of 2016 and teaches the universal doctrine of religious freedom:


    "Do only that which is right".


    The Christian Universal Life Church is an independent global church with over one million members, based in Toronto (Canada, Headquarter), Boston (United States, Media Production Center) and Frankfurt (Germany, Missionary Support Division), but it is at home globally and on the internet. We are a panentheistic Christian Church run by volunteers around the globe. We believe in the Holy Bible and four principles:


    Objective: Eternal Progression.
    Goal: A Fuller Life for Everyone.
    Slogan: To Live and Help Live.
    Maxim: We Are One.


    Our Church also apodictively believes in the Holy Bible, God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Messiah and the Holy Spirit as the matrix of reality: We consider the Messiah to have been a human "avatar" in which God the Father Himself incarnated to teach humanity.


    We are...

    • neo-apostolic and evangelical Christians
    • embracing Christian liberals as well as gospel (not Old Testament) fundamentalists
    • considering trinity as fundamental
    • open for partnerships with all Christian congregations and denominations
    • not recognizing the Mekka moon god cult as a religion, instead rating it as a mentally obsessive compulsive political ideolgy
    • compassionate in social matters
    • against the death penalty
    • strictly against abortions
    • against divorce
    • pro marriage equality
    • strictly for the separation of religion and politics
    • pro military operations of truly democratic countries if they will most likely help to save more lives than they might endanger
    • calling for a peaceful new crusade to mentally heal the Middle East
    • regarding Atheism as a religion, albeit an abhorrent and useless one
    • sharing spiritual theories with Sethists, Hindus, Buddhists and other religions
    • do not entirely rule out the theory of reincarnation
    • non-Jewish zionists believing in the idea of a Greater Israel from the Jordan to the sea
    • driven and powered by Mark 16:15
    • accepting all baptized Christians as members

    Please note: Some ULCs sell items, titles or take donations, we don't. We sell nothing and take no donations. We are a pure faith run by volunteers and not a business.

    Becoming a member

    Nothing is easier. Even as a non-Christian.

    To become a member of the Christian Universal Life Church (CULC) you...

    • do not need to give up any other faith.
    • do not need to pay any money. Faith is no commodity!
    • do not necessarily be baptized as a Christian.

    You should:

    • accept the above-mentioned beliefs.
    • respect Jesus Christ as the Messiah.
    • respect the Christian faith as construed by our Supreme Leader.

    You must not:

    • question another persons beliefs and faith.
    • place anything or anyone above God the Father, Jesus the Messiah and the Holy Spirit.
    • missionize for other religions.
    • behave unethically.
    • be intolerant against other human beings.
    • violate the aforementioned rules.

    As a CULC member you can:

    • leave the CULC whenever you want to.
    • ask for religious guidance. 
    • become a Pastor when you have been taught the essential knowledge.
    • can make the world a better place. 

    Every person has the natural right, and the responsibility, to peacefully determine what is right. We are advocates of religious freedom. The Christian Universal Life Church wants you to pursue your spiritual beliefs without interference from any outside agency, including government or other authorities.

    Contact us

    Send us a message or ask a question.

  • Our leading clergy members.

    They manage the church led by the Holy Spirit.

    The Supreme Leader


    His Eminence Elias I.

    First Deputy Supreme Leader


    Her Eminence Archbishop Jemima

    Secretary General


    Her Eminence Sister Evangelia

    Head of Doctrine


    Her Eminence Reverend Agnetha

    First Bishop


    His Eminence Bishop Jonah Samuelson

    Bishop Maria


    Her Eminence Bishop Maria

    Ambassador Taravati


    Her Eminence the Ambassador to all non-christians

    Reverends & Teachers

    Get in touch with our social media team

    Visit the 24/7 Internet Church on Facebook 

  • God wants to talk to you.

    And it is quite interesting what he has to say.

    The Bible, Luke 6:37

    Do not judge.

    "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."

    Seth Material

    Reality is an ilusion.

    "The physical system is an illusion, but you must accept it and from your viewpoint try to understand the realities that exist beyond it."

    The Bible, Matthew 7:3

    Do not condemn others.

    "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"

    Seth Material

    You get back whatever you send out.

    "It is wrong to curse a flower and wrong to curse a man. It is wrong not to hold any man in honor, and it is wrong to ridicule any man. You must honor yourselves and see within yourselves the spirit of eternal validity. You must honor all other individuals, because within each is the spark of this validity. When you curse another, you curse yourselves, and the curse returns to you. When you are violent, the violence returns."

    The Bible, Matthew 7:7

    Trust in God.

    ""Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

    The Bible, Luke 11:10


    "For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."

    The Bible, Luke 18:10

    True faith.

    "Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: 'God, I thank you that I am not like other people--robbers, evildoers, adulterers--or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.' But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, 'God, have mercy on me, a sinner.' I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted."

    Seth Material

    You are more than yourself.

    "Each of you exists in other realities and other dimensions, and the self that you call yourself is but a small portion of your entire identity."

    The Bible, Mark 12:17

    Secularism as a Christian value.

    "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's."

    Seth 2:13 (non-biblical)

    Camouflage of reality.

    “The brain is a camouflage pattern. It takes up space. It exists in time. The mind takes up no space, it does not have its basic existence in time. The reality of the inner universe does not take up space, nor does it have its basic existence in time. Your camouflage universe, on the other hand, takes up space and has an existence in time, but it is not the real and basic universe, any more than the brain is the mind.”

    The Bible, Matthew 5:43

    Love your enemies.

    "You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous."

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    Some of our video messages.

  • Got questions?

    You can ask us, whatever the topic may be.

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  • ULC Ordinations & Titles

    The Christian ULC Validation Office.

    The Christian ULC Validation Office.

    You need to contact our validation center.

    To get your ULC Modesto or CULC Milwaukee certificates validated or confirmed you need to contact our International Validation Center at ulc.validation-center@priest.com - Our very well trained staff will be able to check our own database and the one of our parent church, the ULC Headquarters in Modesto, California. We do not recognize any title, ordination or degree of other ULC congregations other than the aforementioned. We can als check and confirm ULCO/ U.S.A. certificates if they are the result of a course study by the ULCHQ in California. You may address us in English, French, Spanish, Greek, Russian, German, Thai and Chinese.

    Is my ordination by a ULC valid here?

    Does this congregation recognize ULC ordinations?

    The Christian Universal Life Church does not recognize ordinations administered by any other ULC church. As clergy members we only accept professional theologians with a university degree which were further trained as ministers by teachers in our congregation.

    Titles awarded by the ULC.

    Is my religious ULC title valid with this congregation?

    We do recognize some ULC Modesto titles such as degrees which are the result of a religious course study. If you want your Modesto ULC title to be approved by the Christian Universal Life Church you need to send in your documents for a validation process. In most cases we acknowledge IAA accredited course studies (ULCO/U.S.A.) if the tests or exams meet our high standards.

    Course studies?

    Does this church ordain laymen or offer titles?

    We do not sell titles or anything similar because we are a real Bona Fide Church. We train our own missionaries on a solid ULCO level for internal purposes. These course studies are strictly clerical, free of tuition fees and meant to prepare our staff for their global missionary tasks. This also applies to honorary titles of any kind. Contact us at christian.church@priest.com to find out if you are entitled to work through our course studies and to graduate at our church-owned and completely tuition free course studies. Web based distant learning programs are also offered, again tuition free. We never take money.

  • Arnulf Seminary of Theology

    Our elite school for the leaders of the future.

    The CULC Pastoral Seminary

    Learn more about our theological framework.

    For postgraduate students (people who already have a university degree) the PA accredited Arnulf Seminary for Theology offers a broad range of tuition-free course studies in modern process theology, gnosticism, the teachings of Master Eckhart, the philosophy of Karl Jaspers and advanced methods of missionary work.


    All course studies are tuition-free and multiple series of acceptance tests are imperative prerequisites for becoming a student at the Arnulf Seminary. Once our students have comleted a course study at the CULC owned Arnulf Seminary of Theology they will be certified as CULC trained Pastors and/ or Reverends.


    Due to the fact that not many schools for process theology exist, to become accepted as a student at the Arnulf Seminary is a privilege for the few, but is open to many.

    The Arnulf approach

    Compassionate Theology.

    The Arnulf Seminary of Theology offers a thrilling and rewarding immersion in the world’s faith traditions and theological subjects, focused on process theology and missionary work. Coursework and conversation, field education, spiritual excellence, a diverse student body, and ULCO Seminary’s unparalleled resources in the field of evangelical theology create a broad and deep educational experience where students with good intentions are welcome.

    Theology at its best

    Compassionate Theology.

    Our Arnulf Seminary of Theology is proud to offer course studies in the whole range of religious traditions from the ancient Gnostic traditions to modern Christian movements and Jewish philosophies, Buddhism, and Hindu arts and culture. The Study of Religion is exciting and challenging because of the conversations that take place across the complexities of congregations, traditions, and intellectual commitments.

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    The Christian Universal Life Church is a global bona fide church with its headquarters being located in the United States of America. It is a strictly non-profit and non-income entity, exlusively run and maintained be volunteer work only in more than 80 nations around the globe. Even donations will not be accepted.


    EU residents! Attention please:

    Due to new and undue so called “data protection regulations” in the European Union (EU) which are in fact nothing but lucrative cease and desist letter opportunities, the Christian Universal Life Church prohibits every individual who is currently within the EU the use of this website and its services, including the sending of messages and e-mails. Any e-mail, message or other set of data from the EU will be ignored, deleted and/or irrevocably destroyed.


    International Headquarters:

    Christian Universal Life Church

    1538 South Layton Boulevard
    Milwaukee, WI 53215
    Unites States of America


    Missionary Media Production:
    Christian Missionary Services

    Brother Matthew
    140 Commonwealth Ave.
    Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
    United States of America


    Global Missionary & The Arnulf Seminary:

    Dean Father Rahim

    Boston, MA

    United States of America


    The Supreme Leader's residence:
    Armin Elias Schmidt & Sarah Isabel Tremblay
    St Germain Ave.
    M5M 1V9 - Toronto, ON

    ULC Headquarters:
    601 Third St.

    Modesto, CA 95351

    United States of America

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    *God Cast

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    We are a purely non-profit institution, a Bona Fide Church without any income, maintained and kept alive purely by the volunteer work of our fellow brethren.


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Sie können der künftigen Verarbeitung der Sie betreffenden Daten nach Maßgabe des Art. 21 DSGVO jederzeit widersprechen. Der Widerspruch kann insbesondere gegen die Verarbeitung für Zwecke der Direktwerbung erfolgen.

Cookies und Widerspruchsrecht bei Direktwerbung

Als „Cookies“ werden kleine Dateien bezeichnet, die auf Rechnern der Nutzer gespeichert werden. Innerhalb der Cookies können unterschiedliche Angaben gespeichert werden. Ein Cookie dient primär dazu, die Angaben zu einem Nutzer (bzw. dem Gerät auf dem das Cookie gespeichert ist) während oder auch nach seinem Besuch innerhalb eines Onlineangebotes zu speichern. Als temporäre Cookies, bzw. „Session-Cookies“ oder „transiente Cookies“, werden Cookies bezeichnet, die gelöscht werden, nachdem ein Nutzer ein Onlineangebot verlässt und seinen Browser schließt. In einem solchen Cookie kann z.B. der Inhalt eines Warenkorbs in einem Onlineshop oder ein Login-Staus gespeichert werden. Als „permanent“ oder „persistent“ werden Cookies bezeichnet, die auch nach dem Schließen des Browsers gespeichert bleiben. So kann z.B. der Login-Status gespeichert werden, wenn die Nutzer diese nach mehreren Tagen aufsuchen. Ebenso können in einem solchen Cookie die Interessen der Nutzer gespeichert werden, die für Reichweitenmessung oder Marketingzwecke verwendet werden. Als „Third-Party-Cookie“ werden Cookies bezeichnet, die von anderen Anbietern als dem Verantwortlichen, der das Onlineangebot betreibt, angeboten werden (andernfalls, wenn es nur dessen Cookies sind spricht man von „First-Party Cookies“).

Wir können temporäre und permanente Cookies einsetzen und klären hierüber im Rahmen unserer Datenschutzerklärung auf.

Falls die Nutzer nicht möchten, dass Cookies auf ihrem Rechner gespeichert werden, werden sie gebeten die entsprechende Option in den Systemeinstellungen ihres Browsers zu deaktivieren. Gespeicherte Cookies können in den Systemeinstellungen des Browsers gelöscht werden. Der Ausschluss von Cookies kann zu Funktionseinschränkungen dieses Onlineangebotes führen.

Ein genereller Widerspruch gegen den Einsatz der zu Zwecken des Onlinemarketing eingesetzten Cookies kann bei einer Vielzahl der Dienste, vor allem im Fall des Trackings, über die US-amerikanische Seite http://www.aboutads.info/choices/ oder die EU-Seite http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ erklärt werden. Des Weiteren kann die Speicherung von Cookies mittels deren Abschaltung in den Einstellungen des Browsers erreicht werden. Bitte beachten Sie, dass dann gegebenenfalls nicht alle Funktionen dieses Onlineangebotes genutzt werden können.

Löschung von Daten

Die von uns verarbeiteten Daten werden nach Maßgabe der Art. 17 und 18 DSGVO gelöscht oder in ihrer Verarbeitung eingeschränkt. Sofern nicht im Rahmen dieser Datenschutzerklärung ausdrücklich angegeben, werden die bei uns gespeicherten Daten gelöscht, sobald sie für ihre Zweckbestimmung nicht mehr erforderlich sind und der Löschung keine gesetzlichen Aufbewahrungspflichten entgegenstehen. Sofern die Daten nicht gelöscht werden, weil sie für andere und gesetzlich zulässige Zwecke erforderlich sind, wird deren Verarbeitung eingeschränkt. D.h. die Daten werden gesperrt und nicht für andere Zwecke verarbeitet. Das gilt z.B. für Daten, die aus handels- oder steuerrechtlichen Gründen aufbewahrt werden müssen.

Nach gesetzlichen Vorgaben in Deutschland erfolgt die Aufbewahrung insbesondere für 6 Jahre gemäß § 257 Abs. 1 HGB (Handelsbücher, Inventare, Eröffnungsbilanzen, Jahresabschlüsse, Handelsbriefe, Buchungsbelege, etc.) sowie für 10 Jahre gemäß § 147 Abs. 1 AO (Bücher, Aufzeichnungen, Lageberichte, Buchungsbelege, Handels- und Geschäftsbriefe, Für Besteuerung relevante Unterlagen, etc.). 

Nach gesetzlichen Vorgaben in Österreich erfolgt die Aufbewahrung insbesondere für 7 J gemäß § 132 Abs. 1 BAO (Buchhaltungsunterlagen, Belege/Rechnungen, Konten, Belege, Geschäftspapiere, Aufstellung der Einnahmen und Ausgaben, etc.), für 22 Jahre im Zusammenhang mit Grundstücken und für 10 Jahre bei Unterlagen im Zusammenhang mit elektronisch erbrachten Leistungen, Telekommunikations-, Rundfunk- und Fernsehleistungen, die an Nichtunternehmer in EU-Mitgliedstaaten erbracht werden und für die der Mini-One-Stop-Shop (MOSS) in Anspruch genommen wird.


Die von uns in Anspruch genommenen Hosting-Leistungen dienen der Zurverfügungstellung der folgenden Leistungen: Infrastruktur- und Plattformdienstleistungen, Rechenkapazität, Speicherplatz und Datenbankdienste, Sicherheitsleistungen sowie technische Wartungsleistungen, die wir zum Zwecke des Betriebs dieses Onlineangebotes einsetzen. 

Hierbei verarbeiten wir, bzw. unser Hostinganbieter Bestandsdaten, Kontaktdaten, Inhaltsdaten, Vertragsdaten, Nutzungsdaten, Meta- und Kommunikationsdaten von Kunden, Interessenten und Besuchern dieses Onlineangebotes auf Grundlage unserer berechtigten Interessen an einer effizienten und sicheren Zurverfügungstellung dieses Onlineangebotes gem. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO i.V.m. Art. 28 DSGVO (Abschluss Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag).

Erhebung von Zugriffsdaten und Logfiles

Wir, bzw. unser Hostinganbieter, erhebt auf Grundlage unserer berechtigten Interessen im Sinne des Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. DSGVO Daten über jeden Zugriff auf den Server, auf dem sich dieser Dienst befindet (sogenannte Serverlogfiles). Zu den Zugriffsdaten gehören Name der abgerufenen Webseite, Datei, Datum und Uhrzeit des Abrufs, übertragene Datenmenge, Meldung über erfolgreichen Abruf, Browsertyp nebst Version, das Betriebssystem des Nutzers, Referrer URL (die zuvor besuchte Seite), IP-Adresse und der anfragende Provider.

Logfile-Informationen werden aus Sicherheitsgründen (z.B. zur Aufklärung von Missbrauchs- oder Betrugshandlungen) für die Dauer von maximal 7 Tagen gespeichert und danach gelöscht. Daten, deren weitere Aufbewahrung zu Beweiszwecken erforderlich ist, sind bis zur endgültigen Klärung des jeweiligen Vorfalls von der Löschung ausgenommen.


Bei der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns (z.B. per Kontaktformular, E-Mail, Telefon oder via sozialer Medien) werden die Angaben des Nutzers zur Bearbeitung der Kontaktanfrage und deren Abwicklung gem. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b) DSGVO verarbeitet. Die Angaben der Nutzer können in einem Customer-Relationship-Management System ("CRM System") oder vergleichbarer Anfragenorganisation gespeichert werden.

Wir löschen die Anfragen, sofern diese nicht mehr erforderlich sind. Wir überprüfen die Erforderlichkeit alle zwei Jahre; Ferner gelten die gesetzlichen Archivierungspflichten.

Kommentare und Beiträge

Wenn Nutzer Kommentare oder sonstige Beiträge hinterlassen, werden ihre IP-Adressen auf Grundlage unserer berechtigten Interessen im Sinne des Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. DSGVO für 7 Tage gespeichert. Das erfolgt zu unserer Sicherheit, falls jemand in Kommentaren und Beiträgen widerrechtliche Inhalte hinterlässt (Beleidigungen, verbotene politische Propaganda, etc.). In diesem Fall können wir selbst für den Kommentar oder Beitrag belangt werden und sind daher an der Identität des Verfassers interessiert.

Jetpack (WordPress Stats)

Wir nutzen auf Grundlage unserer berechtigten Interessen (d.h. Interesse an der Analyse, Optimierung und wirtschaftlichem Betrieb unseres Onlineangebotes im Sinne des Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. DSGVO) das Plugin Jetpack (hier die Unterfunktion „Wordpress Stats“), welches ein Tool zur statistischen Auswertung der Besucherzugriffe einbindet und von Automattic, Inc. 132 Hawthorne Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. Jetpack verwendet sog. „Cookies“, Textdateien, die auf Ihrem Computer gespeichert werden und die eine Analyse der Benutzung der Website durch Sie ermöglichen.

Automattic ist unter dem Privacy-Shield-Abkommen zertifiziert und bietet hierdurch eine Garantie, das europäische Datenschutzrecht einzuhalten (https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000CbqcAAC&status=Active).

Die durch das Cookie erzeugten Informationen über Ihre Benutzung dieses Onlineangebotes werden auf einem Server in den USA gespeichert. Dabei können aus den verarbeiteten Daten Nutzungsprofile der Nutzer erstellt werden, wobei diese nur zu Analyse- und nicht zu Werbezwecken eingesetzt werden. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie in den Datenschutzerklärungen von Automattic: https://automattic.com/privacy/ und Hinweisen zu Jetpack-Cookies: https://jetpack.com/support/cookies/.

Onlinepräsenzen in sozialen Medien

Wir unterhalten Onlinepräsenzen innerhalb sozialer Netzwerke und Plattformen, um mit den dort aktiven Kunden, Interessenten und Nutzern kommunizieren und sie dort über unsere Leistungen informieren zu können. Beim Aufruf der jeweiligen Netzwerke und Plattformen gelten die Geschäftsbedingungen und die Datenverarbeitungsrichtlinien deren jeweiligen Betreiber. 

Soweit nicht anders im Rahmen unserer Datenschutzerklärung angegeben, verarbeiten wir die Daten der Nutzer sofern diese mit uns innerhalb der sozialen Netzwerke und Plattformen kommunizieren, z.B. Beiträge auf unseren Onlinepräsenzen verfassen oder uns Nachrichten zusenden.

Einbindung von Diensten und Inhalten Dritter

Wir setzen innerhalb unseres Onlineangebotes auf Grundlage unserer berechtigten Interessen (d.h. Interesse an der Analyse, Optimierung und wirtschaftlichem Betrieb unseres Onlineangebotes im Sinne des Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. DSGVO) Inhalts- oder Serviceangebote von Drittanbietern ein, um deren Inhalte und Services, wie z.B. Videos oder Schriftarten einzubinden (nachfolgend einheitlich bezeichnet als “Inhalte”). 

Dies setzt immer voraus, dass die Drittanbieter dieser Inhalte, die IP-Adresse der Nutzer wahrnehmen, da sie ohne die IP-Adresse die Inhalte nicht an deren Browser senden könnten. Die IP-Adresse ist damit für die Darstellung dieser Inhalte erforderlich. Wir bemühen uns nur solche Inhalte zu verwenden, deren jeweilige Anbieter die IP-Adresse lediglich zur Auslieferung der Inhalte verwenden. Drittanbieter können ferner so genannte Pixel-Tags (unsichtbare Grafiken, auch als "Web Beacons" bezeichnet) für statistische oder Marketingzwecke verwenden. Durch die "Pixel-Tags" können Informationen, wie der Besucherverkehr auf den Seiten dieser Website ausgewertet werden. Die pseudonymen Informationen können ferner in Cookies auf dem Gerät der Nutzer gespeichert werden und unter anderem technische Informationen zum Browser und Betriebssystem, verweisende Webseiten, Besuchszeit sowie weitere Angaben zur Nutzung unseres Onlineangebotes enthalten, als auch mit solchen Informationen aus anderen Quellen verbunden werden.


Wir binden die Videos der Plattform “Vimeo” des Anbieters Vimeo Inc., Attention: Legal Department, 555 West 18th Street New York, New York 10011, USA, ein. Datenschutzerklärung: https://vimeo.com/privacy.


Wir binden die Videos der Plattform “YouTube” des Anbieters Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, ein. Datenschutzerklärung: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/, Opt-Out: https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated.

Google Maps

Wir binden die Landkarten des Dienstes “Google Maps” des Anbieters Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, ein. Datenschutzerklärung: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/, Opt-Out: https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated.

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